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Registration for the 2017 season is open! 

Senior Men/Women         $442.50  + volunteer shifts*                                          

Junior U12 – U18             $195.50                     

Mini U6 – U11                   $100.00                   

Masters - Old Boys          $110.00                     

Temporary 2 Week            $55.00 (Changed to allow only one per year)

Registration amounts above do not include additional processing fees from SportNgin

*Senior members will be required to complete volunteer shifts throughout the season at the clubhouse for cleaning, bartending, and field maintenance.


Link to Register on Rugby Canada Site 

Select "Register" next to the Leprechaun Tiger RFC logo as below

All registrations can select 15s for type of rugby unless you know you are specifically registering as an adult for non-contact, 10 a side or 7 a side matches only

The beneficiary is to whom an insurance settlement would be paid in the event of a catastrophic injury

Scroll down for detailed instructions.





A players/parents’ guide to Registrations 2017

Step 1: Follow the link to the Registration page and select your club:

***All coaches, match officials, managers and medical staff will need to register through the Management Registration Tab.


Step 2: Log-in or Create an account:

  • If you don’t have one from previous years, the link to set one up is found either at the top or the bottom of the registration page.
  • If you have one, login found at the bottom of the page
  • The registration period is May 1 to April 30 annually. 


Step 3: Who Are You Registering?

  • Select yourself to register, OR add a new person to register with your account by clicking ‘A New Person’


Step 4: Member Information

  • Complete the personal information for the person you are registering or yourself this may be several pages depending on whether the individual is a minor or not (Member Information, Guardian Information, Emergency Contact Information)
  • If you are missing any required information it will not let you proceed and will send you back to the page with the missing information highlighted


Step 5: Membership Selection

  • Players must register in the category based on birth year.
  • If a player needs to be moved up or down an age grade it CANNOT be done on the system and is handled on a case by case basis.  Register in the appropriate category      and then apply for dispensation.  No games in the alternate category can be played until the dispensation is approved.
  • Dispensation can take some time to complete, so please apply as soon as possible with your club coach & registrar. The forms can be found at
  • All players must select ‘Athlete’ if they are playing a full season
  • Choose ‘Temporary’ for a 15-day pass.
  • Temporary passes require a start date – select  your  start  date  to  coincide as close as possible with your FIRST game to maximize the amount  of  games  you  can  play.  A pass is for 15 consecutive days and only ONE Temporary pass per season per person is permitted.  These cannot be used for playoffs.
  • Select  all  categories  that  are  required  –  there  may be  only  one option in some cases
  • Children Under the Age of 5 (U5): For Edmonton and Area clubs taking part in the Mini Festivals, select the Recreational League Player (Touch or Flag) Category to pay the lowest fee.


  • RECREATIONAL LEAGUE CATEGORY is NOT TO BE USED for anyone age 5 or older unless your club has a junior recreational program (Grande Prairie & Fort McMurray).  Anyone else selecting this category will be required to re-register in the appropriate category prior to playing.
  • MASTERS Category: men who are 35 and older can use this category to play ONLY Masters (old boys) tournaments or exhibition games.  You cannot play Senior Men’s rugby with this category.


Step 6: Waiver and Code of Conduct

  • Please read, acknowledge your understanding and ‘sign’ where required


Step 7: Review

  • Please review the information to ensure accuracy
  • If any changes need to be made, click the edit button of that section to correct Step 8: Shopping Cart
  • Please check your fee assessment, if the numbers look correct, proceed to Checkout
  • If the fees are not showing up correctly, contact your club registrar before proceeding  to Checkout


Step 9: Payment

  • Payment options are PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, or Interac Online
  • Choose the appropriate option and complete the required information to pay
  • Once payment is approved you should have a receipt  provided  – please  save  a copy  of  this  for  your  records.
  • Clubs are responsible for proving a player is registered prior to taking the field in any practice or game.  Hefty penalties can apply to a club who is negligent.